Try On Thrift Store Fashion

Try On Thrift Store Fashion

Each week this month we are sharing tips on how to transition your wardrobe to one that is ethically-sourced while staying on a budget. January can be a financially tight month for many people as we recover from holiday spending and end-of-year obligations. This doesn’t have to mean you neglect your intentions to be more purposeful about what you buy and where you buy in this new year!

This week we are highlighting a growing trend that we love: thrifting! 


Thrift store shopping is an affordable and sustainable option that doubles as an adult treasure hunt. What these stores may lack in organized and efficient customer experience they gain in endless racks of hidden gems at amazing prices. Popular favorites like Goodwill and the Salvation Army as well as local and regional organizations accept donations of clothing and household items for resale, typically making profit that benefits a charitable institution. 


Thrift shopping has grown in popularity in recent years largely due to ethical and climate-conscious millennials and Gen-Z consumers. According to ThredUp’s 2019 Resale Report, these two generations are “adopting second hand 2.5x faster than other age groups.” Beyond generational categories, thrift shopping is quickly becoming a widespread consumer trend with data showing that women buying second hand products has increased from 44M in 2017 to 56M in 2018.


So much of what is on trend at any given time is just recycled fashion from previous decades. With most thrift stores taking in all donations sent their way, they become the perfect place to find authentic pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s. So, you can find the same look as what is on the runway or displayed in department stores for a fraction of the price, all while engaging in a more green shopping lifestyle.


This movement has not been lost on social media influencers. Many instagrammers have gained a loyal following by sharing their fully-thrifted outfits, tips and strategies on thrift shopping, and even direct sales to their followers. Below we have shared some of our favorite thrift-centric accounts!

Beth Jones of @bjonesstyle is a long time fashion influencer who showcases her vintage collection and thrift store finds

Miller and Liv of @siftedclothing share their unique second hand fashion statements and sell their thrifted finds each week

Elizabeth of @staygoldengirl is a thrift and second hand maven who takes followers on her thrift store adventures