Resist the Myth of More

Resist the Myth of More

Each week this month we are sharing tips on how to transition your wardrobe to one that is ethically-sourced while staying on a budget. January can be a financially tight month for many people as we recover from holiday spending and end-of-year obligations. This doesn’t have to mean you neglect your intentions to be more purposeful about what you buy and where you buy in this new year!

The first suggestion we’d like to offer is to buy less

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is really more about a mindset shift.

Mainstream fashion conglomerates sell us more than just cheaply-made graphic tees, they sell us the lie that we always need more. The foundation of fast fashion is the quick turnaround on clothing to keep up with popular culture fashion trends. A constant stream of new pieces is intended to convince consumers that the clothes we bought two weeks ago are already old news. The affordability of these brands may make it easier to decide to purchase new items, but the true cost has most likely fallen on those involved in the exploitative manufacturing processes.

To exacerbate this ‘more’ mindset, the clothes and accessories we are being convinced we need are typically poor quality and will only hold up in our closet for a short amount of time. 

In 2020 we are leaving the myth of more at the door, y’all!

When you buy from higher-quality, ethical brands you are investing in pieces that will last exponentially longer than anything the fast fashion brands have to offer. 

Minimizing your wardrobe by buying a smaller amount of durable, timeless pieces at a higher price instead of constantly purchasing and replacing cheaper pieces will even out the cost of clothing. You won’t need as many items as frequently when you buy from clean, fair-trade brands. 

This shift in thinking about consumption is a small act of resistance and has positive ripple effects on society, including your own budget!

What we love: Capsule Wardrobes

There are plenty of blogs and articles that push for capsule wardrobes, which refers to a minimized closet made up only of essential, quality pieces that won’t go out of fashion and can be worn through multiple seasons. Fashion bloggers promote this less is more lifestyle by documenting how they put together multiple outfits from the same core pieces. Learn more about how to join this movement here!